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Massachusetts Lawmakers Limit Availability of Medical Marijuana
ma-cannabisMassachusetts voters approved medicinal marijuana way back in November of 2012. That’s great news for qualified residents looking to benefit from the many healing properties of marijuana. The problem is [...]

Florida Medical Association Opposes Medical Marijuana Amendment
florida-marijuanaOn August 4, 2014, the Orlando Sentinel reported that the Florida Medical Association has come forward to oppose Amendment 2, which is the state's medical marijuana initiative. It will be interesting to see which direction Florida takes [...]

Regulations Take a Bite Out of Marijuana Edibles in Colorado
marijuana-ediblesMarijuana edibles manufacturers will be facing tougher regulations when it comes to making their treats. Marijuana edibles, often simply called edibles, are any edible products that contain THC [...]

The Surprising Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana
cannabis-healthMedical marijuana has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. This drug is now legal in more than 22 states. Numerous studies suggest that marijuana can help treat and prevent diseases if you have the [...]

U.S. Researches Stoned Driving
driving stonedThe National Institute on Drug Abuse is a U.S. federal government research agency that supports extensive studies on the effects of drug abuse and addiction. Fearing that legalized marijuana will lead to stoned drivers wreaking havoc on the roadways, the agency recently conducted [...]